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15 Action Packed Facts About Marvel Comics
Everybody’s taking what they can
But they can’t decide.
And they do what they want to
cause any kind of feeling’s alright…

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Dear Boy

I can’t remember the last time I’ve cried so hard. The past few days have been terrible for you and through your labored breathing and your trembling legs I hinted that your life would soon come to an end. I remember when you were so very young. We had so many names for you but since we couldn’t decide you eventually got used to “Boy”. Your little tail waved so quickly it  became a black and white blur everytime you saw my face. You waddled so fast that you fell into our backyard pool countless times. I remember the first time you saw a tennis ball, and I remember even more the first time you ran after it. You liked tennis balls more than food. Even if there was a big bowl of steak in front of you you would give it up for a pile of tennis balls. Our backyard still has dozens of tennis balls scattered all over the place. They remind me of you. I wish we had more time together. 11 months is too little for a happy guy like you. Even when I yelled at you or was too busy for you you never gave notice. You were patient and kind. You never held grudges, you were always there for me even when I wasn’t there for you. If I was writing this on paper it would be illegibly wet. I’m so sorry that I had to put you down, but I am glad that your suffering is over. You can finally rest. I’ll miss you, Boy. I love you.

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I still been drinking on the low
Mobbin on the low
Fuckin on the low
Smokin on the low
I still been plotting on the low
Scheming on the low
The furthest thing from perfect
Like everyone I know

And I hate that you don’t think that I belong to ya
Just too busy running shit to run home to ya
You know that paper my passion
Bittersweet celebrations, I know I can’t change what happened
I can’t help it
I can’t help it
I was young and I was selfish
I made every woman feel like she was mine and no one else’s
And now you hate me
Stop pretending, stop that fronting
I can’t take it
Girl don’t treat me like a stranger
Girl you know I seen ya naked
Girl you know that I remember, don’t be a pretender
Getting high at the condo, that’s when it all comes together
You know I stay remniscing
And makeup sex is tradition
But you’ve been missing girl
And you might feel like nothing was the same



Is it weird I only like the first 90 seconds of this song? Its so chillll

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